Félix Godefroid Competition: final results!

    After an intense three days of extensive programmes from over sixty candidates, the results of the Felix Godefroid competition are now out! They are:

    “Espoir” Category (junior)

    First Prize, Prix de la Fondation Harp Help: Maja PAKTOS
    Second Prize, Prix de la société Camac Harps: Jane WONG
    Third Prize, Prix du magasin ProArte: Armand BRUNET
    Fourth Prize, Prix Camac Harps: Bujana AMETI

    “Jeune Talent” Category (intermediate)

    First Prize, Prix Harp Help: Janice HUR
    Second Prize, Prix Camac Harps: Marianne PATKOS
    Third Prize, Prix ProArte: Evelien VANHEYSENDEYK

    “Excellence” Category (advanced)

    First Prize, Prix Camac Harps: Emma THOMAZEAU
    Second Prize, Prix Ville de Tournai: Chanel PERDICHIZZI
    Third Prize, Prix ProArte: Michelle SWEEGERS
    Fourth Prize, Prix Harp Help: Josephien DE WAELE

    “Soliste” Category – Young Professional

    First Prize, Prix Camac Harps: Marika Cecilia RIEDL
    Second Prize, Prix Communauté Wallonie – Bruxelles: Richard ALLEN
    Third Prize, Prix Yvette Collignon: Joost WILLEMZE

    Congratulations to you all! A full report will follow soon on this blog, your roving reporter for all Camac news.


    2017 Concours Godefroid

    Some of the happy laureates at the Concours Godefroid. L-R: Chanel PERDICHIZZI, Marika Cecilia RIEDL, Emma THOMAZEAU, Michelle SWEEGERS, Joost WILLEMZE, Richard ALLEN

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