Ancenis 2012

Our preparations for Harpes au Max in Ancenis are in full swing - and who did we see on the French TV channel TF1 last night, than one of the artists who last performed for us in Ancenis, for our fortieth anniversary!

On the road #labellegrenouille

Ideas we love

Bologna Harp Festival

The second Bologna Harp Festival will take place this weekend - and it's a special Celtic edition!
Mariannig Larc'hantec

We are pleased to report that Mariannig Larc'hantec's crowdfunding campaign has been successful. We look forward to a recording of her major compositions, performed by François Pernel.

Atelier news

Clio D024

We've updated our second-hand harp lists! Hurry, hurry, while stocks last...

We are delighted to present our new lever harp to you: the Excalibur.

An ultra-light, concert-quality harp created together with Elisa Vellia, the Ulysse is the new crown of our lever range.